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Flour Power
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Fed up with bland shop bought bread? Want to unlock your inner Paul Hollywood? Or do you want to wow your friends and family with fantastic delicious bread and pastries that you've made yourself? But is the thought of it being all too difficult stopping you? 

Then why not join us for the day at Flour Power Bakery School for one of our fun and relaxed baking sessions and see how easy it really is?

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Rustic Loaf

Bread making for beginners

A fun day making delicious bread

Cinnamon Rolls

Yummy buns and sweet treats

Learn how to make naughty but nice treats

Fresh Bread Composition

Unlock your capabilities and have delicious fun doing so!

Love the smell of fresh bread? Then why not join us at Flour Power Bakery School

for one of our relaxed and informative fun one day baking workshops?

Lots of nervous, unsure people have walked through the doors only to leave

a few hours later with smiles on their faces and bags full of delicious breads and pastries

that they've made to take home to wow all their friends and family.

Learn how to transform flour, yeast, salt and water (plus other tasty additions) 

into wonderful tasting breads you'll make over

and over again.

You'll never look at your oven in the same

way again.

Deliciousness is guaranteed!

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Great job! So happy to experience such a day. Thank you so much


Set the scene really well. Passion came through. Very knowledgeable


Didn't feel rushed or "not doing it the right way". Fun learning experience



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